I’ve been teaching other people to knit, crochet, embroider, and needlepoint for more than 25 years. Throughout those years, I’ve compiled a list of tips that will make you a better knitter, crocheter, or stitcher.

You may already know some of my tips. Hopefully, you’ll learn something that will improve your skills and make you a more confident needle artist. (Because that’s what you are, you know!)

Sound good? Terrific!

Let’s get started…

Tip #1: Use good materials if you want your finished project to be of good quality.

I’ve always made it a policy to recommend only those products that I would use (or have used!) myself. If I suggest an item to you, that means it’s a “winner winner chicken dinner” in my book. And you can rest assured that will always stand true!

Now, I’m not saying that you should break the bank to buy the most expensive yarn, needles, needlepoint canvas, or threads for your project. You really should buy the best that you can afford, though. I promise – you won’t be disappointed. And it’s soooo worth it, too, because those higher quality products are actually easier to work with than their cheaper ‘cousins’. Your scarf or hat or Christmas ornament (or whatever you choose to make) will be all the better for it! You’ll enjoy wearing or using it more, too, because you’ll have fond memories of making it.

While this first tip applies to any kind of needlework, I promise that I’ll cover specifics for knitting/crochet and needlepoint/embroidery. That way, you can apply the information to whichever technique you prefer. And if you have any burning questions that you’d like me to address, be sure and share them in the comments box below. I’m here to help and am always happy to share what I’ve learned through the years so you can stitch with confidence.

Keep an eye out for Tip #2! I’ll post it soon.

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