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Do you dream of choosing just the right decorative stitches and threads for your needlepoint canvas with confidence?

If you want to develop your skills and become a more confident stitcher, then you’re in the right place!

Serendipity Needleworks is all about inspiring, teaching and supporting needle artists from around the world to develop their skills so they can create one-of-a-kind handmade treasures with confidence – and I’m here to help!

Hello there, lovely!

Ellen here…
I’m a life-long stitcher and I’m so happy you found my brand new online destination for all things needlepoint.

As owner of Serendipity Needleworks, I’ve had the privilege of working with stitchers just like you for over 25 years. I’ve taught hundreds of people to embroider, needlepoint, knit, and crochet, both in my shop and (as a guest instructor) around the US. I’ve designed projects and written articles for a variety of needlework magazines and I’ve even written a book about embroidery, The Embroidered Home. (Look for it to be re-released soon!)

Sometimes, life gets a little crazy…

In early 2017, Rick (my sweet hubby) threw me a ginormous curve-ball with a serious health scare. He’s doing much better now, but that event led me to do some serious soul-searching. After lots of careful consideration, I decided it was time to close the doors (after 14 years!) to my brick and mortar shop. But I wasn’t ready to walk away from my wonderful needlework family just yet, so, I decided to pursue a brand new way to keep in touch with wonderful Y-O-U!

Serendipity 2.0

In May 2017, I began developing this blog and creating an online resource center for needlepoint.

In December 2017, I launched The Stitcher’s Club, a needlepoint membership site. Why? Because I believe you can develop your needlepoint skills and become a more confident stitcher. I created The Stitcher’s Club to share with you, in fun and entertaining tutorial videos, all my knowledge about needlepoint – how to properly choose the best stitches and threads for your projects, how to stay motivated and find time to stitch, and how you can release your inner artist to create one-of-a-kind needlepoint treasures.

More New & Exciting “All Things Needlework” Coming Soon…

2020 promises to be chock full of exciting new things, too! You see, I’m a teacher at heart, and a believer in the power of community. My purpose is to encourage you, build your confidence and help you develop your needlework skills.

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Finding Your Way Around

The new website is divided into 8 portals to help you find the content that best suits your needs. They are:

You’ll find them in the navigation bar on the home page.

A few words from some of my students…

Ann W.
Ann W.
“I highly recommend Ellen as a teacher. She has taken me from beginning needlepoint to now where I can create my own stitch guides. Not only is she very patient, she listens carefully to your questions and finds solutions . You are never made to feel embarrassed, regardless of your skill level. She is extremely friendly and kind.”
Pride S.
Pride S.
“Ellen has helped me move beyond wool yarn and the basket weave stitch. She is so patient in teaching new stitches and the threads for each stitch. She has an eye for where to apply the stitches, that creates a fabulous finished product. Ellen is a patient teacher and knows what her individual students are looking for and understands their skill level. Perfect combination, she is great.”
Barbara M.
Barbara M.
"I took my first knitting class from Ellen in 2006 and made a simple hat. Since then, with her help, I have gone on to make more complicated lace scarves, wraps and sweaters. She has always been available to help if I had a problem. Lately she has been teaching me to do a needlepoint project. I have always found Ellen to be a very patient and excellent teacher."
Susan M.
Susan M.
“Patience is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Ellen as a teacher. She has helped me with both knitting and needlepoint. She has helped so many times with stitch guides with my needlepoint and she always has a suggestion about what stitch would work best. Never in a way that was pushy – it was always suggested as an option. She is very good at making adjustments. Also the same with knitting. If there is a yarn that I want to use but not necessarily the pattern that it came with, she always made a suggestion of a pattern that I might like. And, if you’re not sure about something in the instructions, she will look it up and find out exactly what the instructions are referring to. I could not recommend anyone more than Ellen to teach needlepoint or knitting.”
Katy D.
Katy D.
Ellen has a vast knowledge of all things needlework! From knitting, needlepoint, crochet, embroidery, to weaving! She is always willing to help out with any project – big or small, easy or difficult! I cannot count the number of projects Ellen has helped me with! As I learned knitting, she guided me through scarves, hats, and even with socks! With needlepoint, Ellen is especially talented with decorative stitches and helping embellish canvases! I would highly recommend Ellen for teaching any type of needlework!”

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