Three Tips for Organizing and Storing Your Needlepoint Thread

3 Essential Tips for Organizing and Storing Your Needlepoint Thread

By Ellen Johnson / June 23, 2024

I love pretty thread! In fact, I have so many different kinds of thread that I’m re-organizing them this summer so that they’re easier to access. If you’re in the boat with me, then you’re definitely going to want to keep reading because, in this blog post, I’m going to share three essential tips to … Read more

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Dyeing needlepoint threads is an art unto itself.

Dyeing To Know How Threads Get Their Color?

By Ellen Johnson / April 14, 2024

If you’re at all like me, one of your favorite things about needlepoint is all of those gorgeous threads. You probably don’t think much about how your needlepoint threads got to be the colors they are, though, do you? I didn’t either, when I first began stitching. 😉 I believe that there’s great value in … Read more

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Pepper Pot, from Planet Earth Fiber, is a lovely single strand silk needlepoint thread.

All About Pepper Pot Silk Thread

By Ellen Johnson / April 7, 2024

I’ve long been a fan of Pepper Pot Silk. It’s a luscious single strand spun silk thread from Planet Earth Fiber. (That means it’s not divisible!) It’s made from Chinese silk. It comes in a skein and there are 30 yards/27.4 meters in each skein. Here’s a picture of it for you…   It’s available … Read more

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