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the Blog

An inspiring blog dedicated to helping you unlock your inner needle artist, turn off your doubt, and make the time to create something wonderful with your own two hands.

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the Blog

An inspiring blog dedicated to helping you unlock your inner needle artist, turn off your doubt, and make the time to create something wonderful with your own two hands.

DMC Perle Cotton #3 – Friend Or Foe?

One of my followers recently sent an email to our help desk asking why I don’t like DMC Perle Cotton #3. It’s been a while since I used it and, in all fairness, I knew that I should give it...

CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses to the Rescue

Well, hello there, my friend! Ready to take a peek at one of my favorite needlework helpers, CraftOptics glasses?! I first saw these unique-looking glasses at market. Kelly Clark was wearing them in her booth while she was doing a...

What Do Rest and Soap Operas Have in Common?

Granny was a die-hard fan of Days of Our Lives. She also taught me to stitch. On the surface, those two things don't seem to have anything in common. But, in my life, they're inextricably linked. The common denominator is...

Introducing Silk Lamé Plus

Silk Lamé Plus is a brand new ribbon-type thread from Rainbow Gallery.  In fact, the card states that it's a "needlepoint ribbon". It's a delightful blend of silk, rayon, and metallized polyester. The fiber content is 72% silk/18% rayon/10% metallized...

Counted Canvas Needlepoint, Charted Needlepoint, and Creating Your Own Designs!

Needlepoint is such a fun hobby... and if you're like me, you want to stitch ALL the pretty canvases! Last week, we chatted about painted canvases and screen-printed designs. And this week, we're going to explore some other options that...

What’s Your Favorite Type of Needlepoint?

We have oodles of new followers, thanks to the 2021 Spring Stitch Challenge. If you were one of the thousands (yes, thousands!) of stitchers who participated, thank you!! It is truly a joy to be able to share my love...

The Stitcher’s Club

This week, we're welcoming new members into The Stitcher's Club™. Pour yourself a cuppa and let me tell you a little bit about it. It all begins with my love of teaching... Read more

Self Care For Stitchers

Well, hello there, my friend! By the time you read this, we'll be well into our Spring Stitch Challenge. One of our stitchers asked "why are you doing this?" Of course, my first response is because I L-O-V-E what I...

2021 Spring Stitch Challenge

Well, hello there! I'm so happy to have you here with me today. I have some extra exciting news to share! Are you ready? Okey dokey - cue the confetti... It’s time for the SPRING STITCH CHALLENGE! Yep - I...

Splendiferous Silk Thread

My very first needlepoint project was stitched entirely in wool. It was one of those pre-worked pieces from the needlework department at Gayfer's... the kind where you just fill in the background. Those were (and still are!) terrific projects -...

Attaching Your Canvas to a Stretcher Bar Frame

Now that you have your stretcher bar frame put together, you might be wondering how to attach your needlepoint canvas to it. I'm going to share how I do that here today, but there's a decision you'll have to make...

Ready to take on Stretcher Bars?

  Is your needlepoint canvas all wonky when you finish stitching it? Do you struggle with blocking? Are you having a hard time making your decorative stitches look like the pictures you see on Facebook? It might be time for...

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