Have you ever been on a magical trip? One that was so much fun you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming? Well, Rebekah and I took a trip like that to New York one long ago Christmas. We went to Broadway shows, “oohed” and “aahed” at the Christmas lights and window displays, shopped till we nearly dropped, went to the top of the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center, ice skated at Rockefeller Plaza, met Lauren Bacall, and had ice cream for dinner – twice! And it was the ice cream for dinner at Serendipity 3 that inspired the name for Serendipity Needleworks.

Serendipity Needleworks’ brick and mortar store opened on February 22, 2003 in its original location on University Boulevard. Five years later, we packed everything up and moved three blocks east to The Downtown Plaza, where we enjoyed a larger space and our very own parking lot. Nine blissful years flew past and, in January 2017, life threw me a curve ball that rocked my world.

My precious husband, Rick, suffered a brain hemorrhage. He’s doing very well now, but that experience caused me to take a long, hard look at my life. After a lot of soul searching, I decided that it was time for a change – time to close the brick and mortar store. So, on May 27, 2017 I bid adieu to my cozy little shop on Queen City Avenue. Of course, I wasn’t ready to completely retire. I’d just starting writing again and a new adventure online presented itself, so…Serendipity Needleworks 2.0 was born.

And that brings us to this website and Y-O-U! I’m so glad you’re here and I hope you’ll make Serendipity Needleworks your favorite online needlework resource. If you never had the chance to visit me in person, you might like to take a peek into the Serendipity Needleworks brick and mortar shop. Here’s the last “Visit Us” page…

There's no such thing as too much color.

It’s the first thing you’ll experience when you walk through our door.

Saturated, rich, brights and jewel tones, subtle and soft shades. Sparkles and shimmers from beads and baubles, sequins and glitz, the smooth shimmer of silks, and the earthy authenticity of dyed cottons.

The scent of fresh lavender fills the air and mingles with the laughter coming from the community table and the classical music playing in the background.

The light from our big, bright windows leads you to our feast of texture.It's all about touch here.

Crisp linens, squishy merino, mohair and silk blends that glow with a little halo.

Impossibly soft alpaca, stunning cashmeres, rustic tweeds, and the warmth of the wooden needles – so inviting you can almost hear them click softly together, though still in the package.

You’re welcome to a cup along with your conversation. The table is full of knitters and stitchers enjoying each others’ company, helping each other, encouraging each other. Well, actually, the table’s not full. There’s always a seat for you…

We left out all of our favorite little gizmos and gadgets for you to use – things to make your project go more smoothly. It’s hard to chat when you’re fighting with a stitch. Heaven knows.

Not sure what to create next? Visit our library of patterns, books, stitches, and inspiration to find just the right treasure to make, even if it’s the first treasure you’ve ever made.

Peruse the ways we take care of you and your precious creations – from hand-thrown pottery yarn bowls to lovely project bags (Oh, and do take your work with you out into the world. It will save you from long lines and waiting rooms…and you’d be amazed how many friends it makes you along the way…) to soaks and goodies that smell of essential oils and care for your beautiful creations.

Our needlepoint canvases wait patiently like fine art ready to emerge with the embellishment, dimension, and depth you bring to them.

We bring you the beautiful raw materials, but you create the masterpieces.

Whether they’ll be framed and hung on a wall or whether they’ll warm the hands of a child in the snow, these everyday treasures bring joy, connection, love, warmth, and beauty to you and all who know you.

And we are so lucky to know you.

Come on in and experience Serendipity. We’d love to welcome you. The kettle’s on and waiting.

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