needlepoint stitches for roofs

The serendipity stitch is a versatile canvas embroidery stitch that you can use to create a variety of effects on your needlepoint projects.

All About The Serendipity Stitch

By Ellen Johnson / May 26, 2024

Ready to explore another terrific stitch you can use on your needlepoint projects? Terrific! Today, we’re taking a closer look at the serendipity stitch… Ellen Johnson

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Learn all about the balloon stitch and how you can use it on your needlepoint canvases...

All About The Balloon Stitch

By Ellen Johnson / November 5, 2020

Earlier this week, I shared the balloon stitch with you on Needlepoint TV™.  It’s a very functional stitch – and it’s one that you can use on your canvases in a variety of ways. It’s a rather large stitch which means you’ll need plenty of space in order to establish the pattern, so keep that … Read more

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