Fundamentals of Needlepoint

Learn the basics of needlepoint with Ellen in Needlepoint Made Easy!

Set Yourself Up For Needlepoint Success

By Ellen Johnson / August 28, 2022

Another school year is upon us and it’s a terrific time to do a reset for your needlepoint hobby. Wondering what a “needlepoint reset” is? Well, the short answer is that it’s a self-assessment of where you are on your needlepoint journey. So grab your favorite mug, fill it up, and let’s chat about how … Read more

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French Porcelain Cross by Designing Women for Canvas Connection

Painting Needlepoint Canvases

By Ellen Johnson / August 14, 2022

Do you ever dream about creating your own needlepoint designs? I get lots of questions related to that topic, so this week, we’re going to take a peek at some of the things you need to know about getting started with painting needlepoint canvases. Sound good? Alrighty, then let’s dive in! Ellen Johnson

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Tips for Choosing Your First Project

Choosing Your First Project

By Ellen Johnson / July 23, 2022

Are you a new stitcher? Perhaps you’re coming back to needlepoint after a bit of a break. Wherever you are on your adventure in stitches, I’m here to help you choose your first  – or next – project with confidence. See, I’m a former needlepoint shop owner, so I have some handy dandy tips that … Read more

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