All About The Algerian Eye Stitch

By Ellen Johnson / June 4, 2023

When the heat and humidity of summertime hits Alabama, it’s time to bring out the lightweight and lacy clothes… anything to help ward off the effects of the rising temperatures. 😉 And so, I thought we’d carry that over to this week’s blog post and spend some time chatting about a lacy stitch – the … Read more

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Using the long and short stitch to create painterly effects for shading on your needlepoint canvases.

All About the Long and Short Stitch – Part 2

By Ellen Johnson / May 7, 2023

Learning the basics of  how to execute the long and short stitch is actually just the first step toward creating realistic shading on your needlepoint projects. (If you haven’t read part 1 of this blog series, click here to hop over and do that now – then, come back and keep reading. 😉 ) Ellen … Read more

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The long and short stitch creates beautifully detailed shading on your needlepoint canvases.

All About the Long and Short Stitch – Part 1

By Ellen Johnson / April 30, 2023

I’m super excited about this week’s topic – using long and short stitches to create painterly effects on your canvases! If you’ve ever wanted to stitch realistic looking animals or birds, you’re in the right place. And that goes for creating lifelike flowers and water and sky, too – just about anything that begs for … Read more

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