Happy January!!

Kicking off 2021 with our January plans!

It’s already the end of the first week of January and I was hoping to have more of my Santa canvas done by now. But the holidays kinda’ got in the way. And yesterday, I frogged all of Mardi Gras Santa’s crown, including the beads that I’d lassoed in place. (EEK!)  You see, it just didn’t look like I pictured it in my mind’s eye. I’m the first to admit that I make plenty of mistakes. And I don’t pretend to know everything, so I’m sharing this picture of Santa’s crown in the “rip it” stage…

I frogged Mardi Gras Santa's crown!


I hope it helps to know that you’re not alone when it comes to frogging! 😉

For those of you who don’t know what “frogging” is, let me explain.

We all know that frogs say “ribbit, ribbit”, right?

And as stitchers, we sometimes find ourselves ripping out what we stitched, don’t we?

That’s where the term “frogging” came from – as stitchers, we “rip it, rip it”. (Teehee!!)

I’ll re-stitch Mardi Gras Santa’s crown this weekend – and I hope to have even more to share with you next week.

Until then…

Let’s chat a little about some of the fun things happening at Serendipity Needleworks in January…

First of all, there are several ways to follow Serendipity Needleworks on social media.

I hope this helps you keep up with what’s posted where and when you can find it…

  • Tuesday – Needlepoint TV™ episodes air on our YouTube channel (They’re uploaded by noon CST unless otherwise noted.)
    Be sure and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss anything. And if you click the little bell, you’ll get a notice right after we upload something new. 😉
  • Thursday – New Blog Post on the Serendipity Needleworks website (posting schedule coming soon)
  • I also post regularly on our Facebook page
  • For those of you who are members of The Stitcher’s Club, I’ll be popping into our private Facebook group every week.
    (Inner Circle members, we’ll continue with our weekly gatherings just like we’ve been doing, too.)
  • If you’re a student in my Needlepoint Made Easy online class, remember that we have our weekly Q&A calls every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. CST.
  • And finally, I’m also on Instagram. You’ll find me posting more there this year, I hope. 😉

Next, you’re definitely going to want to mark your calendar for January 25 – 29!

Why? Because that’s when I’ll be hosting the Needlepoint Success Challenge™! I’ll share more info next week, so be sure and check back with me. And tell your friends! It’s absolutely FREE!! (Who doesn’t love free, right?) 🙂

Other fun things happening in January include my visit with Melissa on the Pointing Out Podcast on January 16th. (I’ll have to find out what time, so we can watch it together!)

And I have another column in Needlepoint Now – all about the rice stitch and different ways you can use it on your projects. Issues are winging their way to subscribers as I’m typing this. 🙂

If you don’t have a subscription, click here to hop over and get yours now. You won’t regret it – pinky promise!

Needlepoint Now is the best consumer magazine for stitchers!


Alrighty, that’s all for now, my friend. Have a terrific rest of your week and I’ll see you again soon.

Until then, happy stitching…

Stitch with a smile!


2 thoughts on “Happy January!!”

  1. Thank you for showing your frogging. It makes me realize I am not alone in deciding something is not right and then ripping it out and starting over. It also gives me a chance to “double think” what I really want.


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