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Summer Stitch Challenge

By Ellen Johnson / August 20, 2023

Summer is my favorite season… I love the longer days, the relaxed pace, the fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market, heavenly heirloom roses, and, of course, juicy tomato sandwiches. Yep – I’m definitely a summertime kinda’ gal. 😉 And since Labor Day is right around the corner, signaling the unofficial end of summer, I want … Read more

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Hand Care for Needlepointers

Loving Your Hands: Hand Care For Needlepointers

By Ellen Johnson / May 14, 2023

There’s a special kind of magic that happens when you ply your needle on project. The stitches and threads that you use add color and texture to your piece, but it’s your hands that are the unsung heroes of your artistry. Without your hands, you simply could not stitch. And so, today we’re going to … Read more

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Using the long and short stitch to create painterly effects for shading on your needlepoint canvases.

All About the Long and Short Stitch – Part 2

By Ellen Johnson / May 7, 2023

Learning the basics of  how to execute the long and short stitch is actually just the first step toward creating realistic shading on your needlepoint projects. (If you haven’t read part 1 of this blog series, click here to hop over and do that now – then, come back and keep reading. 😉 ) Ellen … Read more

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