Why Do You Needlepoint?

I needlepoint as a form of creative expression.

Last Friday, my friend, Elizabeth, asked me why I like to do needlepoint. Instinctively, I said “well, my grandmother taught me when I was 9 and it’s just something I’ve always done”. But the more I thought about her question, the more I realized that my answer wasn’t really an answer at all.

Since then, I’ve come up with the top 8 reasons I do needlepoint…

1. Needlepoint is my creative escape.

I love letting my imagination run wild when I first begin to plan a project. Brainstorming different threads and stitches that can bring a flat painted canvas to life lights me up. And all those gorgeous threads and sparkly beads and baubles? Oh my – be still  my heart!

2. Needlepoint helps preserve my sanity.

It’s something that I can do to temporarily escape from life’s daily challenges. Stitching for just 20 minutes every day can make a HUGE difference in my disposition. In fact, focusing my attention on making something pretty magically transports me into my own little artistic cocoon where I can restore my creative spirit

3. Needlepoint keeps my mind sharp.

Learning decorative stitches helps establish new neural pathways in your brain. Did you know that? And making those stitches fit into the different spaces on your canvas, well – that makes for some real cognitive calisthenics.

4. Needlepoint gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Having something beautiful to show for the time I’ve invested is a real “winner winner chicken dinner” in my book. I mean, come on… who doesn’t love the feeling of “I made that!” 😉

5. Needlepoint is my relaxation.

When I get stressed, I pull out a project and start stitching. Immediately (if not sooner – teehee), I feel more calm and centered. And I’ve even noticed that when I stitch at night, I’m able to unwind and get to sleep more quickly than if I watch television before going to sleep.

6. I love to share my love of needlepoint with others.

Working with my students by helping them choose the best stitches and threads for their canvases, showing them new embellishment techniques, and assisting them with mastering the fundamentals of needlepoint so that their stitching goes more smoothly – all of those things bring me so much joy!

7. The history of needlepoint is fascinating.

From the ancient Egyptians stitching their tents together to Mary, Queen of Scots hiding secret messages in her handiwork – I love the feeling that I am helping perpetuate a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. And I can hardly wait to teach my new granddaughter – just like my Granny taught me!

8. Needlepoint is more than just a hobby to me – it is integral to who I am!

It’s true that I’ve been stitching since I was 9, so my initial answer was, on the surface, correct. But when I really think about it, needlepoint (and embroidery) are part of my DNA. I am a maker at heart and I get so much joy from creating things with my own two hands.

So, why do YOU needlepoint? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments below.

And if you’re thinking about picking needlepoint up as a hobby, be sure to check out my brand new special event happening in January. It’s called Needlepoint Boot Camp and it’s designed to help stitchers get the basics of needlepoint down pat. We’re going to have oodles of F U N, so whether you’re new to needlepoint, are self taught, or have just been away from it for a while, I’m here to help you establish a solid foundation for your needlepoint hobby. 😉

Alrighty – that’s all for now, my friend! Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you again next time.

Until then, happy stitching!!

Stitch with a smile!

7 thoughts on “Why Do You Needlepoint?”

  1. I love needle point because it’s pretty to look at its relaxing , it’s something for me to do that makes me feel good and happy. But I want to know the proper stitches.

    • Hi!
      Thank you for sharing your reason for stitching… Needlepoint makes me happy, too! And you’re in the right place for learning how to embellish your canvases with decorative stitches. 😉 That’s one of my favorite things to teach!!
      I look forward to a bright new year with you as part of our Serendipity family!

  2. I needlepoint because the handpainted canvases are so beautiful, and because stitching is relaxing. I also love the finished product (usually!) I get such a sense of accomplishment when I complete a project, and I love having my finished projects displayed around my house. It’s really nice to be part of something beautiful.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better, Paula! Creating beautiful things is truly a joy and it’s always fun to connect with kindred spirits who love stitching as much as I do. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
      Ellen 🙂

  3. My husband is a great fan of old movies in TCM, but I got bored (and restless legs) just sitting there while he watched something I had no interest in. He got me started on needlepoint after seeing an ad from Erhman and bought me a kit. I loved having something to occupy my mind & hands and continue to work on projects during all the movies, and have now added a small project to do in the car when I’m waiting in the ferry lines. The canvases are beautiful and I enjoy the challenge of working with different yarns, stitches, & colors. I have only 6 canvases completed, 3 of those finished. The finishing was disappointing and I’m holding off on the remaining 3 until I find a good finisher – any suggestions?

    • Hi Georgia!
      Thank you for sharing your story with us! Your husband sounds like a “keeper”. 😉
      Those Ehrman kits are so nice! At one time, they had a series of designs inspired by the Days of Creation. They were spectacular! I’m not sure if they’re still available… I need to look into that. 😉
      I’m sorry you had some disappointing results with those three designs. I’d check into Needleworks in Birmingham, Alabama for finishing. That’s who does most of my finishing – and I use Marlene’s Custom Pillows for pillow finishing. (They’re in San Francisco.) Good finishing is an investment, but when you spend so much time on the stitching part, I believe that it’s worth the expense to have it transformed into your finished piece by a real pro.
      Well… I’ve rattled on here long enough. Thank you, again, for sharing with us. I hope you’ll pop in for a visit again soon.
      Have a terrific rest of your day!

  4. I, too, find it relaxing. I choose large projects, because I like to stay with something I love for a while. When I finish, it is a great feeling of accomplishment! I have made several pictures for my grandsons (age 3, age 15 months, and age 8 weeks!). When I visit them, I enjoy seeing the pictures hanging on the wall!


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