Holiday Gift Ideas for Needlepointers

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Just this morning, I was chatting with my friend, Lisa, about a holiday gift that she could give to her trainer who’s an avid needlepointer. And I began to think about all the other folks out there who might be in a quandary about what to get the special stitchers on their holiday gift lists this year, too. So I’m gathering up ideas that you can pass along to your friends and family when they ask you what you’d like to find under the Christmas tree…

There are oodles of options when it comes to finding something special for the stitcher on your holiday gift list. And you just might want to nudge those shopping for wonderful Y-O-U!

Here are my top ten picks for holiday gifts for stitchers…

Project bag

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bag to carry their PIPs (Projects In Progress) in? I know I sure do! And these gorgeous bags from Atenti are to-die-for. I use the Atenti Maxi Tote for projects on scroll frames up to 18″. My all-time favorite pattern is Wild Garden, but the Aquarella pattern (below) is lovely, too. 😉

The Maxi-Tote by Atenti is a terrific holiday gift for the stitcher on your Christmas list.

Embroidery Scissors

Every stitcher needs a really good pair of embroidery scissors. And by “really good”, I mean a pair that you save just for snipping silk, cotton, wool, and linen threads. No cutting metallics or novelty threads with these; they’ll dull the blades on a pair of embroidery scissors faster than you can say “flibbertigibbet”.

Gingher’s classic 4″ embroidery scissor is my “go-to”, but their stork scissors (below) are quite lovely, too.

Needle Minder

I don’t know who came up with the idea for needle minders, but they’re a genius. And to be able to match your needle minder to the season or to your project, well, it doesn’t get much more fun than that! Most local needlework shops carry a variety of needle minders, but here’s the link to an online source for you, too.

Frame stand

Wrangling a needlepoint frame – especially a large one – can be a reeaaalllly big challenge! That’s why a frame stand will quickly become an essential tool for you if you don’t already have one. Whether you choose a tabletop/lap stand or a floor stand, these contraptions definitely make your stitching more enjoyable. My two favorites are the Needlework System 4 TravelMate (below) and the K’s Creations Original Lap Stand

The Needlework System 4 Travel Mate stand is a lovely holiday gift for the needlepointer on your Christmas list.

Daylight Lamps

Having enough light to see what you’re doing is critical to your needlepoint success. There are lots of different lighting options on the market today, but my favorite lamps come from the Daylight Company. If you want to add a base to transform these clamp-on magnifying lights into floor lamps, you can do that, too.

CraftOptics Glasses

And if you’re looking for super magnification, you really ought to look into CraftOptics glasses. These glasses are on the pricey side, but they’re worth every penny, in my opinion. I have a pair that I use just about every day. I also have the Dream Beam 3 light attachment which makes them the perfect grab-n-go solution to stitching in poor lighting.

Right now, CraftOptics has special holiday pricing on their WOW package, too. 😉

CraftOptic glasses enable you to see small mesh canvas with ease.

Subscription to Needlepoint Now

Needlepoint Now is the premier print magazine for the needlepoint passionista. This bi-monthly publication is chock full of interesting and entertaining articles and projects that inspire. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, month after month. (Be sure and check out my series of articles on choosing the best stitches and threads for your needlepoint projects beginning with the May/June 2019 issue.)

Needlepoint Now magazine is the holiday gift that keeps on giving!

Laying tool

I consider a laying tool one of the essentials for any stitcher’s workbasket. Laying tools come in a variety of materials: wood, acrylic, glass, and metal. Personally, I prefer wooden laying tools like those you see in the picture below. It takes a wee bit of practice to perfect using one, but it’s well worth the effort. Your stitches will lay ever so nicely on the surface of your canvas when you use a laying tool.

Every stitcher needs a laying tool!

Salt scrub

Wintertime is hard on your hands, no doubt. But there’s no better way to keep them soft and smooth than with Isle of Luxe salt scrub. I use it 2 – 3 times per week and L-O-V-E the way my hands feel afterward. The sea salt scrub is made right here in the USA and it’s paraben-free, preservative-free, and chemical-free. That makes it a winner, winner, chicken dinner in my book. Oh – and when you use it regularly, working with silk thread becomes a breeze. No more snags! 😉

Salt scrub keeps a stitcher's hands smooth.


and last, but not least…

Holiday Gift Certificate for the Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop

Learn more than 20 different needlepoint stitches that you can use on your winter-themed needlepoint canvases in the Winter Wonderland needlepoint workshop.

The Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop is my brand new online workshop that’s happening on January 11, 2020. It’s not too late to register, so click here to learn more about how you can join the fun!

In the workshop, you’ll get…

  • 20 + stitch/thread combinations you can use to create a variety of textures on your needlepoint projects
  • 40 + stitch diagrams to guide you in executing those stitches on your canvases (full color + black/white outlines that you can fill in to see how different color combinations look – for each stitch)
  • Suggestions for applying the stitches to real canvases – from ornaments to stockings and everything in between
  • The opportunity to ask me your needlepoint questions during the workshop
  • FunSheets and tutorials to supplement what you’ll learn, including how to create your very own Stitch Resource Notebook
  • Lifetime access to the workshop recording so you can log in and go through all of the material at your convenience
  • Lagniappe (aka, special surprise bonuses) guaranteed to make you smile

We’ve added a “giftable” option, too…

If you think someone might want to purchase the workshop for you as a gift, share the link below with them so they can surprise you on Christmas morning!

And there you have it – my top ten holiday gifts for needlepointers.

Which one would you like to find under the Christmas tree – and why would you like to add it to your stash?

Tell me in the comments box below and I’ll enter your name into the Serendipity Needleworks Holiday Gift Drawing to be held on December 24th. 🙂

Okey dokey… that’s all for now, my friend!

Until next time, happy stitching…

Stitch with a smile!




PS: Click here to join the Winter Wonderland Needlepoint Workshop!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas for Needlepointers”

  1. I’d like the winter wonderland class, because I liked your travel stitching. I think I need to find all the written stuff again. Where would I find that info? I want to make a sampler/book with all the different stitches and threads. I don’t have anLNS. The glasses would be great, too. I have special glasses and still sometimes struggle.

    • Awww… thank you so much, Kim! That means the world to me. 🙂
      Are you looking for the 2019 Winter Threadventure? or the Original Threadventure?
      Talk soon…

  2. I’d love to win the class. I enjoyed your travel class so much. The glasses would be cool, too. I don’t have a LNS, so all my learning is from the internet. Merry Christmas Ellen.

    • Hi there, Kim!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my Top Ten Gifts for Needlepointers list. It was really fun to curate. The CraftOptic glasses are AWESOME! I don’t know how I stitched before I had them. And the Winter Wonderland Workshop – well, it’s going to be awesome, too.

      I’m tickled to hear that you enjoyed the Threadventure. It was great fun to create. 🙂
      I hope you have a wonderful holiday season – and stay tuned for the drawing on December 24th!

  3. YOu can never have too many needle minders and I love using them all the different designs.
    I try to theme them to the canvas I am working on.
    Also, good quality scissors like these stork ones just been using cheaper versions so far…. these look so good!

    • Hi Christine!
      I agree 110% about needle minders! They’re so much fun to collect – and they don’t take up much space. 😉
      You’ll definitely have to try the Gingher stork scissors, too. They’re wonderful!
      Thank you for sharing your faves from my Top 10 list. 🙂

  4. I absolutely loved your
    “10 best” list .
    I have the stork scissors and use them ONLY for NEEDLEPOINT projects. I’m so afraid to loose them. I now want a wooden Stitch Laying tool. I need to tell Santa. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

    • Awww… thank you, Jarrell! I’m so glad you enjoyed the 10 Best list. 😉
      I love my stork scissors, too – and I think you’ll find a laying tool very helpful toward making your stitches lay more smoothly on your canvas.
      Merry Christmas!!


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