Stitch Gudes Made Simple LIVE!™ - a needlepoint workshop with Ellen Johnson
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Things are really hopping here in Serendipityville. We’re already half-way through the first week of the 2020 Stitch Challenge and I’m getting ready for my brand new workshop. The workshop, Stitch Guides Made Simple LIVE! is happening on October 17th and it’s all about the process I use to write needlepoint stitch guides. I’m really excited about it! Want to know what it’s all about?

First, Stitch Guides Made Simple LIVE!™ is a one-day workshop.

We’ll get together on Zoom and you’ll learn all about my Stitch Guide Formula™, the method I use for writing stitch guides for my own projects. I’ve been using this formula for the past 15 + years and it works like a charm, no matter what your skill level. 😉

During the Stitch Guides Made Simple LIVE™ workshop, I’m going to walk you through the process using a special workbook that will help you create a Master Plan so that you can write your own stitch guide for a small, simple canvas like this one by Mindy Designs…

This cutie-pie pumpkin by Mindy Designs is a terrific example of a small(ish) simple design with very little shading.

So, what will you learn?

That’s a terrific question! First, you’ll learn how to take any piece from your stash and apply my canvas evaluation process. I’ll show you how to break the design down into bite-sized chunks so that you understand its composition.

Not sure what that means? Well, in a nutshell, I’ll share how to “dissect” a needlepoint canvas so that you can identify the individual design components and how they work together to create a pretty picture. 🙂

Understanding how colors work together…

or against each other – is a critical part of learning to write your own stitch guides, too. In the second segment of the workshop, we’ll chat about color families and color schemes and how all of that applies to your projects

Then, I’ll put on my shop-owner hat and share insider info about a smorgasbord of different threads and how you can use them to add sparkle and pizazz to your canvases.

Next, we’ll explore thread and stitch options.

I’ll walk you through this part of the process, step-by-step, using a needlepoint canvas from my stash. And I’ll share my technique for gathering potential stitches that you can use to mimic a variety of textures to add visual interest to your projects.

Then you’ll get to apply that same process to your study canvas to come up with your own list of stitches that are suitable for your current skill level. (I’ll also share some of my favorite stitch/thread combos.)

Finally, it’s time to outline your Master Plan.

This is the last step before actually crafting your stitch guide. It’s where all of the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place so that you can formulate a cohesive strategy for stitching your project.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can join me, click here. 

And if you have any questions, please reach out to us at

We’re here for you!!

Well, my friend – that’s all for now.

Thank you ever so much for popping by for a visit.

I hope I see you on the inside. 😉

Until next week, happy stitching…

Stitch with a smile!






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