Back to Stitches for a Needlepoint Sky…

Stitching the Sky in Tuscaloosa

So, now we’ve come full circle with this cute little Tuscaloosa canvas…

back to stitching the sky. It’s the last design component I have to decide upon – and it’s what prompted me to share this tiny peek at how I go about choosing threads and stitches for my needlepoint projects with you.

I spent some time noodling it this week and here’s what I came up with.

Remember earlier, when we talked about the descriptive words for each of the design components on the canvas?

I shared that I wanted the sky to be bright blue with big white puffy clouds. Well, a couple of problems presented themselves right out of the gate:

First, the space is pretty small and “Tuscaloosa” is smack dab in the middle of the limited white area available.

Second, the water is already bright blue and, you know  – it’s that old “too much sugar for your nickel” thing. Using another bright blue thread would be waaaay too much of the same color on such a small piece.

What to do?!

Admittedly, I’m pretty darn tickled with what I’m planning to do. You can see the beginnings of it sketched out on the canvas in the picture below.

Stitching the Sky in Tuscaloosa

I finally settled on an over-dyed light blue silk thread from The Caron Collection (Waterlilies; color 044/Ice). Keeping things simple is the key to making this cutie pie ornament really shine. Slanted Gobelin is the stitch I’m using for the blue sky.

Now, are you ready? (Cue the drumroll!)

I’ll use one strand of white Wisper (from Rainbow Gallery) combined with one or two strands of white Bella Lusso to stitch the cloud, then I’ll bead the word “Tuscaloosa” to really make it pop! The slightly fuzzy thread mimics the puffy white clouds of a summer day.

Remember, too, that the word “Tuscaloosa” is the focal point of the design, so when it’s all stitched in bright red beads and surrounded by that fluffy white cloud, it’ll definitely be the first thing to capture your attention.

Be sure and follow me on Instagram to get updated pics of my progress. 😉

Wondering which stitches (and threads!) you can use to stitch the sky – and all the other design components – on your needlepoint projects?

You might want to hop over and check out The Stitcher’s Club info page. Enrollment is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist so you’ll be among the first to be notified when it opens again. And, of course, be sure and check back here every week for more helpful hints and tips.


4 thoughts on “Back to Stitches for a Needlepoint Sky…”

  1. I would love to have this print…I needlepoint Christmas gifts every year…They are all Alabama fans…trying to find something different Been looking for Alabama Christmas ornaments too..



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