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Three Basic Needlepoint Stitches Every Stitcher Should Know

By Ellen Johnson / July 9, 2022

Do you ever wonder how many needlepoint stitches there actually are? When you see all of the beautifully stitched pieces in shops and on social media, it can seem like there must be hundreds and hundreds. And, technically, that’s correct. There are A LOT of canvas embroidery stitches that you can use to embellish your … Read more

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Let's celebrate National Needlepoint Month with the 2020 Stitch Challenge!

The 2020 Stitch Challenge

By Ellen Johnson / September 10, 2020

Hip, hip, HOORAY! It’s National Needlepoint Month and I have a super-fun surprise for you! To celebrate our favorite hobby, I’m hosting the 2020 Stitch Challenge! What the heck is that?! That’s a terrific question and I’m ever so glad you asked!  The 2020 Stitch Challenge is my brand new needlepoint Challenge where you’ll stitch … Read more

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Stitch diagrams are like roadmaps that guide you along needlepoint stitch pathways

Needlepoint Stitch Pathways – Why You Need To Know

By Ellen Johnson / October 16, 2019

Do you know what needlepoint stitch pathways are? (It’s okay if you don’t – that’s what we’re gonna talk about here today.) Before we dive into this week’s topic, though, let’s start by defining stitch diagrams. A stitch diagram is an illustration that shows you the individual parts of a canvas embroidery stitch (aka, decorative … Read more

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