silk shading

Needlepoint Inc Silk is a lovely divisible silk thread that features a wide array of colors that are especially well suited for creating subtle shading on a needlepoint canvas.

All About Needlepoint Inc Silk Thread

By Ellen Johnson / November 12, 2023

When your project features subtle shading, finding just the right range of thread colors can be a challenge. Enter Needlepoint Inc Silk! Needlepoint Inc Silk thread is made from reeled silk. That means the filament used to create the thread is longer than the fibers used to create spun silk thread. Longer filaments are considered … Read more

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The long and short stitch creates beautifully detailed shading on your needlepoint canvases.

All About the Long and Short Stitch – Part 1

By Ellen Johnson / April 30, 2023

I’m super excited about this week’s topic – using long and short stitches to create painterly effects on your canvases! If you’ve ever wanted to stitch realistic looking animals or birds, you’re in the right place. And that goes for creating lifelike flowers and water and sky, too – just about anything that begs for … Read more

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