The Stitcher’s Club

The Stitcher's Club is an online resource center for all things needlepoint.

This week, we’re welcoming new members into The Stitcher’s Club™. Pour yourself a cuppa and let me tell you a little bit about it. It all begins with my love of teaching…

I truly love teaching other people how to make beautiful things that express their own unique creativity.

I got to do that when Serendipity Needleworks was a brick and mortar shop. And now, I get to do it even more inside The Stitcher’s Club.

Helping stitchers become more confident in their skills and watching their needlepoint projects evolve into unique pieces of needle art is a dream come true for me. 

My vision for The Stitcher’s Club™…

is to create a community where stitchers can gather with kindred spirits while developing new skills that will enable them to create one-of-a-kind hand stitched treasures for the people they love. And to provide support through a carefully curated collection of resources that will empower them to stitch with confidence. I believe we have that! 

In The Stitcher’s Club, our core values are joy, inclusivity and generosity. I sincerely believe that you (yes – YOU!) can transform your needlepoint canvases into those beautiful heirloom treasures that you dream of.  

So, what exactly is The Stitcher’s Club™?

In short, it’s an online resource center for all things needlepoint! We have an extensive library of carefully curated needlepoint resources. I also teach through interactive Zoom calls. And our private members-only community is there for support, sharing and advice. (Oh – and we have a dedicated help desk, too. 😉 )

What kind of actual information is in The Stitcher’s Club™?

When you enter The Stitcher’s Club™ password-protected Member Portal, you will find oodles of needlepoint goodness.

The How-To-Stitch Library contains essential stitches that every needlepointer should know. You’ll find more than 150 stitches that stitchers – from beginners to stitchers with more experience – can use to embellish their canvases. Each stitch entry includes a detailed stitch diagram, a FunSheet describing uses for the stitch (and for you to use to create a Stitch Reference Notebook), and suggested ways to anchor your thread. We also have more than 100 video tutorials in the library. (We are currently adding videos for stitches that do not have them, too.)

Which Stitch?™ provides suggestions for which stitches you might use for different design components – like water, sky, snow, buildings, etc.

ThreadTalk is an encyclopedia of threads commonly used in needlepoint, including tips for using those threads on your projects. 

MasterClasses on techniques like beading, shading, and using silk ribbon are among the findings in our technique workshop section of the Member Portal. New classes are added regularly.

And our community of stitchers is ahhhh-mazing!!

Every week, we meet over on Zoom to spotlight member canvases. Those Zoom gatherings are called Canvas Call™. That’s where I – and other members – share suggestions for stitches and threads for a variety of projects. 

One of my favorite parts of Canvas Call is that every stitcher is working on the canvas of THEIR choosing! 

There are always lots of terrific tips offered up – and it’s just plain ole’ F-U-N!!

Every month, I host a question/answer call on Zoom, too. Of course, we’re always talking about ways to incorporate the elements of art and principles of design using my signature Stitch Guide Formula™. That’s the system I use to create stitch guides for my projects – and it’s the method I teach my students inside The Stitcher’s Club. 

And speaking of the Stitch Guide Formula™, every quarter, I host Implementation Workshops.

Those in-depth classes focus on different aspects of using the artistic approach to choosing the very best threads and stitches for your projects.  (Our ultimate goal! 🙂 )

Our member’s-only group is YOUR community…

for asking questions, sharing your progress, cheering each other on – and whatever happens to be making you smile!

This week we met a member’s new granddaughter. That’s Bev and her new granddaughter in the picture below.

A future member of The Stitcher's Club?

Bev stitched that cutie-pie elephant pull toy while she was waiting for her granddaughter to arrive – and her canvas was one of our Canvas Call spotlights, so you can image how THRILLED we were to see this picture. 🙂

I know it may sound hokey…

but I believe that my life’s work is to spread joy through needlework. What we make together can truly change the entire world!

I would LOVE to have you join our community!

Alrighty, my friend – that’s all for now…

Until next time, happy stitching – and I hope I see you on the inside. 😉

Stitch with a smile!


2 thoughts on “The Stitcher’s Club”

  1. How to join stitchers club. Also, I bought a guide for background stitches, got sick, now I don’t know how to access it. Embarrassed!

    • Hi Polly!
      Thank you so much for your note – and please don’t be embarrassed. I’m happy to help. My best suggestion is to reach out to Grace at our Help Desk. You can send her an email. She’ll be glad to assist you with both of your needs.


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